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Antiques, Gifts and Collectibles

The Gift shop specializes in handmade essential oil soaps in a variety of scents, using the highest quality of coconut oils.   The soaps are handmade and come packaged with an organza bag which can be used for washing and bathing as it acts as an exfoliate.

A wide variety of antiques.

The other collections include:

    Gift candles, scented, decorated and come in a cellophane bag.

    English tea cup sets, special blend of rose tea and accessories.

    Legacy Keepsake products, which includes recipe and address             books, etc.

    Silver and Silver plate collection.

    Fairy horse collections of unusual painted and decorated                   horses.

    A wide variety of unique art decor, gift and home decor items.

    Specialty female products for the healthy woman.

Coming soon : Stained Glass hangings and urns. Feather birds.


Items are moderately priced.

See something you like call me 210-296-5925, curbside pickup



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Heading 6

Horses price range from $15.00 to $50.00

all hand painted and decorated.

Handmade Essential Oil soaps price range from $2.50 to $6.00 with organza bag

Unique one of a kind hand decorated items, prices start at $25.00 

Large assortment of candle arrangements,

scented and decorated prices start at $6.00

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